Name Position Phone Email Resume
Frank Hegyi Shooter/Producer (617) 390-4549 Download PDF

Selected Credits

Project Role Type Date Notes
Expedition Antarctica Creator Web Series 2018 Funded by the National
Science Foundation
Adventure Science Creator Sizzle Reel (TV Series) 2018
Extra Credit (watch here) Creator Pilot (Web Series) 2017
Low Budget Game Show (watch here) Creator Pilot (Web Series) 2017
History Repeats Creator Pilot (Web Series) 2017
Northeastern University (watch here) DP (Arri Amira) Commercial 2016 Directed by Joe Case
Columbia University Athletics DP (Panasonic EVA1) Commercial 2017 Directed by Joe Case
The Ritual DP (BlackMagic Ursa Mini) Narrative (Short) 2017 Official Selection:
Boston Independent Film Fest
Weird Local Film Fest
Directed by Dan Schwartz
Que Sera Sera DP (Panasonic Varicam LT) Narrative (Short) 2018 Directed by Dan Schwartz
David Scondros DP (Sony FS7) Documentary (Feature) 2017 Directed by Dan Schwartz
The History of Resistance (watch here) DP (Sony FS700) Documentary (Short) 2016 Directed by Joe Case
10 Years of Torch (watch here) DP (Sony FS7) Documentary (Short) 2015 Directed by Joe Case
50 Year History of Northeastern Rowing DP (Sony FS700) Web Content 2015 Directed by Joe Case
Class of 2025 (watch here) DP (Canon C300) Web Content 2015 Directed by Joe Case
The Microplastics Problem DP (Sony FS7) Web Content 2015 Directed by Andy Robinson
Meet the Mad Max Guitar Maker DP (Canon C100) Web Content 2015 Directed by Andy Robinson
Grand Slam Baseball (watch here) Shooter/Producer Web Content 2015 Shot in New Dehli, India
Ottaviano Cymbals (watch here) Shooter/Producer Web Content 2015
Elizabeth Ellenwood Shooter/Producer Web Content 2016
Plein Air Persistence (watch here) Shooter/Producer Micro-Doc 2015 "The most beautiful video
I've ever seen about painting"
-James Gurney (Creator of Dinotopia)
Insomniac by School for Robots Shooter/Producer Music Video 2015
Ridin by Mellow Bravo Shooter/Producer Music Video 2015
Bent Knee Live at Davis Square Director Concert 2015 5 Camera Ops
Strance Changes Live in Studio Director Concert 2015 3 Camera Ops
PBS Newshour Cam Op (Sony FS700) News 2017 PBS (National)
Holidays at Hendricks Cam Op (Sony F800) Concert 2017 PBS (NY Regional)
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra Cam Op (Panasonic GH3) Concert 2017
Cambridge Symphony Orchestra Cam Op (Panasonic GH5) Concert 2018
Melrose Symphony Orchestra Cam Op (Panasonic EVA1) Concert 2017
Rivers Symphony Orchestra Cam Op (Panasonic GH5) Concert 2018
The New Breed Cam Op (Canon C100) Documentary (Feature) 2017
(We Are All) Disabled Cam Op (Panasonic GH4) Documentary (Feature) 2017 Directed by Aaron Wolf
Alexandra Chandler Audio Recordist Commercial 2017 US Congressional Campaign
Toyota AC (Arri Alexa Mini) Commercial 2018 National Broadcast
New England Contractors AC (Panasonic Varicam LT) Commercial 2018
Married at First Sight (Season 6) AC (Sony F850) Reality 2017 Lifetime
Total Models (Season 1) AC (Canon C300) Reality 2017 E!
The Dregs AC (Arri Amira) Narrative (Short) 2018 DP: Adam Van Voorhis
Advocor AC/Grip (Panasonic EVA1) Commercial 2018 DP: Adam Van Voorhis
The Sympathy Card Key Grip Narrative (Feature) 2018 Directed by Brendan Boogie
A/S/L Grip Narrative (Short) 2017 DP: Adam Van Voorhis
Man Vs Food PA Reality 2018 Travel Channel
Married at First Sight (Season 6) PA Reality 2017 Lifetime
American Ninja Warrior (Season 9) PA Reality 2017 NBC (National)
Food Paradise (Season 7) PA Documentary 2017 Travel Channel
Enhanced (Season 1) PA Documentary 2017 ESPN
Jet Blue PA Commercial 2018 National Broadcast
Clash Royale PA Commercial 2018 National Broadcast

My Shows

Title Expedition Antarctica
An educational web series about Antarctica and the research happening there. Created in collaboration with Northeastern University Professor, Bill Detrich. It was shot over the course of 6 weeks at Palmer Station with funding from the National Science Foundation. More coming soon.
Title Extra Credit
This is the trailer for a web series I created for Northeastern University. While it never got past the pilot, many of the ideas trickled into the Antarctica series. Watch the full pilot here.
Title Low Budget Game Show
It's a gameshow I made in a garage. It's like [insert famous game show] EXCEPT [insert comedic twist].
Title History Repeats
I was experimenting with the idea of giving the viewer two separate but related information streams at the same time. This iteration is interesting, but overwhelming. I refined it with Extra Credit.

Work History

Organization Position Description Date
Freelance Production Shooter/Producer Freelance crew, DP, and producer. July 2017 - Present
Northeastern University Senior Digital Media Producer Northeastern University Advancement Division's in house cinematographer and video producer. 2014-2017
Harvard Medical School Media Specialist Online class producer and web designer. 2010-2014
Syracuse University Production Assistant Part time production assistant for Neal Coffey's in house video production unit at Syracuse University. 2006-2010


Organization Description Date
ASC Masterclass Weeklong cinematography masterclass taught by a team of ASC members. 2016
Syracuse University B.S. in Television, Radio and Film at the Newhouse School of Public Communications. 2006-2010